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Seasonal Food Gift Box — 3 Food Related Native Circles

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A selection of three seasonal food-themed printed wheels with a bespoke handmade beechwood stand (triple). Gift-wrapped and packaged in a recycled box made with compostable materials. 10% discount compared to purchasing wheels individually. 

This Seasonal Food Gift Box is the ideal gift for a food lover, grower or producer. This gift box includes three wheels: Seasonal Foraging in the Hedgerow, Veg Patch — what to plant & when to plant it, and Seasonal Food Calendar. With the triple stand, you can choose which wheel you want to display and where you share it in your home - easily mounted on the wall or resting on a surface. 

I'm happy to add a name or a personal message on the back of the prints - let me know if you want to include any personalisation to make this gift even more special.  

Learn more about the wheels included:

Seasonal Foraging in the Hedgerow

This wheel is a great starting point for anyone new to foraging wild food or a welcome keepsake for a seasoned forager. Turn the wheel each month to see which wild edible plants are in season in our Irish hedgerows. 

It’s one of life’s great pleasures to identify, pick and eat food from the wild. Throughout the year, our hedgerows are bursting with growth — much of it edible and delicious. I know it can be intimidating to start foraging, but you may be surprised to know more edible plants than you think. This print is designed to remind foragers of the seasonal staples in the hedgerows, like nettle, dandelion, blackberry and elderflower — plants we may know, but maybe don’t consider in time to enjoy. 

You can learn more about Seasonal Foraging in the Hedgerow here

Veg Patch — what to plant & when to plant it 

This wheel is for the gardeners who want their work in the veg patch to feel more simple and intuitive. It's designed to be handled and turned each month to remind you of the main garden tasks, what to plant and when. 

Growing your own vegetables can be hugely rewarding — and just as overwhelming. Many of us have a small library of books on what to plant and when, while following loads of online sources, videos and accounts. I wanted to create a simple and reassuring guide — one with a minimum amount of information and maximum inspiration. Think of it as a gentle nudge reminding you when it's time to sow carrots or prepare the soil for next spring. This print is designed to be an easy and beautiful gardening guide for your home. 

You can learn more about the Veg Patch — what to plant & when to plant it here

Seasonal Food Calendar 

This wheel is for anyone who loves making the most of seasonal abundance and wants to eat more sustainably. Turn the wheel month by month to see what local fruit and vegetables are in season throughout the year. 

Enjoy this colourful, cyclical guide to locally grown seasonal vegetables and fruit. Display this in your kitchen, check it before you go to the market or plan your season’s culinary adventures around this engaging guide. Make apple juice in October when you can pick them for free, look forward to midsummer when soft fruits like raspberries are at their best, or batch-make sauerkraut in the winter months when there is a glut of cabbages. We know that locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables are healthier, tastier and have a much lower ecological footprint. They can even be more affordable, too! With so many reasons to eat seasonally, I created this guide to make seasonal eating easier. 

You can learn more about the Seasonal Food Calendar here.

Why follow these cycles?

Native Circles invites you to slow down and notice natural phases and seasonal changes around you. These cycles offer us perspective, opportunities to reflect, and a sense of grounding in nature. Think of them as a field guide to a simpler life more connected with the wonder of the natural world.

About Native Circles 

Native Circles are a set of simple illustrations that create space for connecting with nature and self-reflection in our homes. The prints are mounted onto a birchwood wheel that you can place on a table or easily install on a wall. They can be turned by hand with the changing seasons.

I recommend choosing one of the specially designed wood stands to display your new wheel - this lets you interact with your wheel by turning it with the change of the season or cycle. Choose a small stand to hold one wheel or a large stand that can hold three wheels, allowing you to build a collection of your favourite cycles. 

Unique Elements 

  • Hand-drawn by artist Emily Robyn Archer 
  • Created in Wicklow
  • Consciously produced
  • Interactive, collectable set
  • Native Irish tree planted for every set purchased 
  • Beechwood stands handmade by carpenter Christian Osthoff


  • Wooden wheel: 30cm in diameter on 4mm birch plywood
  • Large stand: 10x10x3cm
  • Small stand: 10x5x3cm


  • FSC Birch Plywood
  • Recycled cairn straw paper stock
  • Signed by the artist on the back of the board
  • Label with information supplied

Returns & Refunds

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