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Some Rare Birds of Ireland — Limited Edition Print on Paper

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A stunning calendar print of an original pen drawing on high-quality laid or hammered paper. Signed and editioned by the artist Emily Robyn Archer. Suitable for framing or display in our bespoke magnetic print hangers.

Wheel image is 29cm diameter on SRA3 Paper. Print Size 45cm x 32cm. Printed on Conqueror Vellum Chamois Paper 250g/m2 at Dublin Print Co. The frame is 34cm width, 47cm height, 4.2cm depth

This wheel is for those who delight in our winged friends. Learn what to look for so you can enjoy moments of surprise and awe when you spot them in nature. 

Turn the wheel each month to follow some of Ireland's rarest and most special birds. This print celebrates these wonderful birds and is designed to help you identify and learn what they're up to at different points in the year. From clown-like Puffins feeding young “Pufflings” in midsummer to speckled Starlings creating dramatic murmurations in midwinter, the year is full of fascinating comings and goings in the bird world. Many of these birds are threatened by climate change, agricultural intensification, and other concerns. In Ireland, beloved birds like the native Curlew are on the brink of extinction — a 96% loss since the late 1980s. Let’s learn more about these wonderful creatures to make sure they can flourish in the future. 

Take a closer look

This circle illustrates twelve beautiful birds, one for each month of the year. Learning to paint these birds was a delight; I wanted to show their identifying features while capturing some of their unique character. Each month, get to know a bird by taking a closer look and reading about what they're up to during that time of year. 

Use this calendar to learn a few ways to identify these elusive birds. Below the illustration of each bird is a description of its specific call or song and a simple sketch of what the bird looks like in flight. The Barn Owl, for example, makes a loud shriek or a metallic clicking noise. But when it spreads its huge wingspan and swoops low through the trees, you can barely hear it at all! It's such an efficient flight hunter that its wings hardly whisper while in motion.

Stay curious about these special birds and learn what to look for — you may be lucky enough to spot them in the wild. In January, when food is scarce in their usual habitats, keep an eye out for the Kingfisher, or Cruidín, along sheltered rocky coasts. In October, listen for the honking of the Whooper Swan, who journeys from Iceland to Ireland to spend winter in a few select sites here. 

Why follow these cycles?

Native Circles invites you to slow down and notice natural phases and seasonal changes around you. These cycles offer us perspective, opportunities to reflect, and a sense of grounding in nature. Think of them as a field guide to a simpler life more connected with the wonder of the natural world.

About Native Circles 

Native Circles are a set of simple illustrations that create space for connecting with nature and self-reflection in our homes. The prints are mounted onto a birchwood wheel that you can place on a table or easily install on a wall. They can be turned by hand with the changing seasons.

I recommend choosing one of the specially designed wood stands to display your new wheel - this lets you interact with your wheel by turning it with the change of the season or cycle. Choose a small stand to hold one wheel or a large stand that can hold three wheels, allowing you to build a collection of your favourite cycles. 

Unique Elements 

  • Hand-drawn by artist Emily Robyn Archer 
  • Created in Wicklow
  • Consciously produced
  • Interactive, collectable set
  • Native Irish tree planted for every set purchased 


  • Wheel Image: 29cm diameter
  • Print Size: A3 / 45 cm x 32 cm
  • Frame: is 34 cm width, 47 cm height, 4.2 cm depth


Printed on Zeta Ivory Hammered Paper 250g/m2

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