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Star Map — Limited Edition Print on Paper

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A stunning calendar print of an original pen drawing on high-quality laid or hammered paper. Signed and editioned by the artist Emily Robyn Archer. Suitable for framing or display in our bespoke magnetic print hangers.

**The dimensions of this print have changed. They are square rather than the original rectangular and are 320mm x 320mm. This means they can be turned four times in a cycle.  Frames are also available for this size print.

This wheel is for the star-gazers; anyone who wants to journey with the stars throughout the year. 

This Star Map is designed for you to handle and turn while stargazing. Use it to orientate yourself in the vast cosmic landscape or simply admire this artwork on your wall.

This is a year-round star map for the Northern Hemisphere. It's simple to use and full of detail, showing you what's visible in the night sky during different times of the year. The night sky cloaks the land from dusk to dawn with a dazzling tapestry of stars, planets and solar systems. We've always been drawn to the night sky to understand our place in the universe. Stars, planets and constellations were named and tracked by our early ancestors. Not so long ago, people, including small children, read the stars for direction and orientation. Whether you want to find true north or enjoy an evening of star gazing, the night sky reminds us that we're small and still have so much to learn. 

Take a closer look:

Have you ever felt that feeling of awe while looking at the night sky? Research now tells us that experiences of awe, or moments of transcendence, have antidepressant effects on the brain. This illustration shows the night sky from the perspective you see when you tip your head back and gaze up to the heavens. 

How to orient with the map

To orient yourself, look to the edges of the print. On one side of the horizon, you can see the sun has just set in the west, and there's a glow in the east where the sun will rise. Now look up at the night sky above you — can you see the horizon gathered around you like the rim of a big bowl? Is there a faint glow pointing you west towards the sunset, or east towards the sunrise?

Now that you've found east and west, look between them for the Milky Way, the bridge of clustered light travelling north to south. The Milky Way has its own place in Irish folklore and spirituality. In Irish, it's known as Bealach na Bó Finne, which means "the Way of the White Cow." It may have been seen as a heavenly reflection of the River Boyne. 

You'll find the north star in the centre of the wheel; look straight above you to find it in your night sky. This star helps navigate without a compass by lining it up with two stars in the Ursa Major constellation. 

Now that you’ve oriented yourself a bit more, enjoy the delight of spotting more starry constellations, from Cygnus the swan gliding overhead to Cetus the great whale dipping near the horizon.

Why follow these cycles?

Native Circles invites you to slow down and notice natural phases and seasonal changes around you. These cycles offer us perspective, opportunities to reflect, and a sense of grounding in nature. Think of them as a field guide to a simpler life more connected with the wonder of the natural world.

About Native Circles 

Native Circles are a set of simple illustrations that create space for connecting with nature and self-reflection in our homes. The prints are mounted onto a birchwood wheel that you can place on a table or easily install on a wall. They can be turned by hand with the changing seasons.

I recommend choosing one of the specially designed wood stands to display your new wheel - this lets you interact with your wheel by turning it with the change of the season or cycle. Choose a small stand to hold one wheel or a large stand that can hold three wheels, allowing you to build a collection of your favourite cycles. 

Unique Elements 

  • Hand-drawn by artist Emily Robyn Archer 
  • Created in Wicklow
  • Consciously produced
  • Interactive, collectable set
  • Native Irish tree planted for every set purchased 


  • Wheel Image: 29cm diameter
  • Print Size: A3 / 45 cm x 32 cm
  • Frame: is 34 cm width, 47 cm height, 4.2 cm depth


Printed on Zeta Ivory Hammered Paper 250g/m2

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